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The 3 Things You Need To Know About Your Dealer

Gail Garlick library research books

Three Essential Qualities to look for in a dealer—signs that you’re in right hands. Look for these elements to help build a working relationship with a reputable and accomplished dealer.

INTEGRITY is the most important. A good dealer is  honest, and has strong moral principals. Dealers with integrity listen and respond directly to your questions. They generously share information about their pieces, They point out the specifics, like the edge treatment on a piece of glass or how a cabinet is mortared together.  Dealers will educate you so you can appreciate and understand the quality of the item you are considering.

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What’s It Worth? Antiques Appraisals

That’s the 64,000 dollar question, people are always asking. The answer is—and I’m not trying to be coy here—it depends. Determining value is dependent on many factors; condition, timing, reasons for evaluating, location, number available in the marketplace, whether the item is currently being made, auction results and dealer prices. Here are some of the questions that need answered to determine value.

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