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Treasures of Antiquity and An Important Show at the National Gallery of Art

Ishtar Gate Pergamon Museum

In November I wrote a post called The 3 Things you Need to Know About your Dealer. Under the topic of taste, I briefly touched upon an aspect of all dealer/scholars. We’re tireless aesthetes, passionate about beauty in all things. Whether it’s trips to museums or a walk down the block, everything gets funneled through our inherent visuality. I hope to share the beautiful things I’ve seen with you through blogging. Our world is a veritable feast for the eyes.

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Italy, My Love

Table Lamp by Pietro Chiesa for Fontana Arte, Italy, 1935.

Ok, I admit it, I’ve been having a love affair with Italy. Four or five times a year I visit the country of my affections. I’ve learned her beautiful language, traveled all over and made good friends. Asked what I would like my granddaughter to call me,  I picked Nonna, Italian for grandma. So I guess Italy and I are a thing! All this time, I’ve  buying Italian mid-century design and discovering trusted sources. By now half my inventory is Italian. Feeling nostalgic about my love affair, I thought it might be fun to show you some of what we’ve sold and currently have in Italian Modern Design. Don’t miss the rest of our current inventory!

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Palazzo Te Masterpiece Frescos and Stuccos Mantova

One of the great joys of being an aesthete is that there’s always something new to see, always something new to experience, all of which are thrilling to your soul.

On my recent trip to the antiques fair in Parma, I had some free time go to Mantova (Mantua as it is called in English), which has one of the most exquisite palaces I’ve ever seen. The entire region of Emiglia-Romagna, not often thought of as a travel destination, is a treasure for those seeking art and architectural delights.

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A Dealer’s ‘Glamorous’ Life

It’s cold and damp in Milan. A colleague wants to introduce me to a new dealer.

I’m bundled up in hood and gloves, inside the new dealer’s basement storage, a warren of small spaces, and still freezing.  Piles of furniture and lighting are hidden under plastic sheeting and stacked to the ceiling. It’s impossible to see anything. We wait politely and shiver, as the dealer opens each room to these ghostly unidentifiable piles.  The dealer apologizes about how difficult it is to see his things. Yet he seems unwilling to unpack his inventory. It turns out to be is a total waste of  time.

This is not exactly what many might think life is like for a dealer, filled with elegance and openings. Most dealers sleep on long flights sitting up and spend hours in cold dirty auction rooms hoping to buy something special that will make them a decent profit.

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